Drifting Shores Pathfinder


Del Nova


Del Nova Aasimar Divine Hunter

The tall, slender beauty of Del Nova shows her racial links to her celestial heritage.  Long pure white hair falls to the small of her back and her balanced face features white pupiless eyes.  She wears a light blue breast plate which glimmers in the sun and carries a composite longbow. 



Samson Human Blood Rager

At only 18 years old Sam Suns physic could be mistaken for a man of a much older age.  Standing over six feet tall and Sam Sun is grossly muscled often descibed as overgrown, oversized and over muscled.  His sky blue eyes stand out from his pale skin and hairless body, the side effect of the curse that powers his rage.  He wears tattered hide armour and carries a 8ft pitch black long spear that leaves a shadow trail as it moves and hums a low ominous tone. 



Tezoth Shimerskin Draconian Synthesis Summoner

The member of a rare race Teezoth's small frame is covered in vivid metalic pearlesant scales the reflect light in beautiful colours.  His reptilian features are most notable in his short arms and shark pointed finers and toes.  His back is adorned with small leathery wings that aren't strong enough to fly but can glide.  His face features a protruding maw and flaring nostrils. 

The World

Once the world was whole then an event occured, reasons vary and noone really knows why but wild magics seems to be the most accepted theory. Whatever caused it the lands were ripped asunder and scattered across the skys.  Empires, kingdoms, races, even parts of the other planes cracked and seperated into floating islands.  

This happened generations ago, the world was thrown into randomness and people fought to survive.  Air ships made their appearance out of nessessity as people started to connect with each other again.  Piracy came soon after and the "Laws of the Sky" soon after that.

Two hundred years ago lands started slowly collliding, forming new continents.  As populations and land masses started to grow factions started to rise to power vying for terrories and resources.  Power clashes between factions are common but the threats of unexplored islands and unknown whims of the floating lands has kept survival at the forfront of most peoples minds.

Laws of the Sky

"Air ships are sacred above all else"

"Anyone responsible for the loss of an air ship voids their life"

"Air ships must fly flags of intent"

"Ownership of an air ship must never be in question" 

World Map


Bravery Faction


Bravery was once a thriving faction.  It focusing on individuals of great power and skill.  These heroes ensured the growth and protection of the area however after the deaths and betrayal of key leadership figures the faction has lost popularity and strength. 

Galindon Faction


Ruled by the Lords of Galindon this faction was once completely dominated by 13 elven families.  Left without flying ships these families where isolated from the rest of the world until from the south halflings arrived bringing ships, trade and transportation with them.  These two peoples mixed and used their long lived wisdom to gain power and influence in the surrounding lands.

Locorin Faction


Locorin once was a mish-mash of smaller factions that constantly fought to resources and power.  United by a need to adapt and grow the Locorin goverment formed and spread across these factions mergining them into a much stronger faction behind one banner.  Locorin continues to grow forming alliances and strong arming smaller factions to join.

Harmore Kingdom

Harmore Kingdom

The mysterious Harmore Kingdom is a massive kingdom at the bottom of an ocean.  Four towers rise from the stormy seas but below the waves are large domed cities. 

Darden Clan

Darden Clan

The Darden Clan once where predominately dwarven however as more and more people migrated the honeycombed caverns of the great floating mountain range became the home to many who prefer the darkness of carvens compared to the endless skys.