Pathfinder 02 - Worst Revelations day ever

Put in jail on the second episode

The Dice Heroes continue their Pathfinder adventure Drifting Shores. This home brewed evolving setting is a world of floating islands and flying ships. After finding the territory they were pledged to under attack by the neighbouring territory and losing most of the crew in the initial attack the remaining crew members take on a desperate request from their passenger Matias, a noble from a nearby land. Rattled and confused the crew realise that their supplies are low and decide to head to a nearby land to restock only to find it already under control of the attackers. Some fast talking by their newly appointed leader Del Nova has given them safe passage to the ground but can they trust this ruby lipped Drow captain who has given them passage? Feedback: Twitter: @diceheroes Facebook: Part of the Legends of Tabletop network