Pathfinder 01 - Chaos in the sky

Drifting Shores

The Dice Heroes start their first Pathfinder adventure Drifting Shores. This home brewed evolving setting is a world of floating islands and flying ships. Once the world was whole then an event occured, reasons vary and noone really knows why but wild magics seems to be the most accepted theory. Whatever caused it the lands were ripped asunder and scattered across the skys.  Empires, kingdoms, races, even parts of the other planes cracked and seperated into floating islands.   This happened generations ago, the world was thrown into randomness and people fought to survive.  Air ships made their appearance out of nessessity as people started to connect with each other again.  Piracy came soon after and the "Laws of the Sky" soon after that. Two hundred years ago lands started slowly collliding, forming new continents.  As populations and land masses started to grow factions started to rise to power vying for terrories and resources.  Power clashes between factions are common but the threats of unexplored islands and unknown whims of the floating lands has kept survival at the forfront of most peoples minds. Meet the crew. Del Nova the Aasimar Divine Hunter. The tall, slender beauty of Del Nova shows her racial links to her celestial heritage. Samson the Human Blood Rager. At only 18 years old Sam Suns physic could be mistaken for a man of a much older age. Tezoth the Shimerskin Draconian Synthesis Summoner. The member of a rare race Teezoth's small frame is covered in vivid metalic pearlesant scales the reflect light in beautiful colours. Feedback: Twitter: @diceheroes Facebook: Part of the Legends of Tabletop network