Admiral EZs Adventures Rogue Trader


For more than a millennium, chaos storms have blocked passage into the Kronos Expanse. Now for unknown reasons, the storms have disappeared and the pathway made clear. Rogue Trader Ships are ascending into the port city's of Footfall and Port Wander, gearing up and preparing to enter into the expanse in search of riches, fame, wonders and archeotech. What really lies in wait in the expanse for those embarking out on adventure, is generally, pain, misery, disappointment and even death. One of the many Rogue Trader Ships seeking fame and fortune, fame more than fortune, is the ambition class cruiser, ‘Invictus’ lead by Admiral Ebineezar Zigar of the Rogue Trader House Zigar. A dashing Rogue Trader with the swagger of a King.



Name: Admiral Ebineezar Zigar
Profession: Rogue Trader of the Ambition Class Cruiser, Invictus
Player: Fin



Name: Sorn Riddulson
Profession: Arch Militant
Player: Tondi

Sorn's role on the Invictus is of Arch Militant, leader of military forces and anything that shoots a projectile or energy beam, including the ships guns.



Name: Hermonious Wolfe III of House Vouvoul (Aka Brother Wolfe)
Profession: Missionary of the Order of the Hammer; on Board the Rogue Trader Ship Invictus
Player: Wattsie

Hermonious was born into a very rich and prestigious noble family who’s dynasty is spread across dozens of planets. Hermonious excelled at school where he spent his youth years travelling from planet to planet within his families dynasty learning from expert scholars. He also had a typical playboy billionaire social life (without the superhero alter ego), toiling in exotic drugs, women, planets and the occasional administratum hierarchy official.

During his later learnings and young adult years Hermonious developed an interest and taste of the ancient tech known as archeotech. He spent most of his spare time studying old digs and reading many books on the history of this technology. Hermoious has siphoned some of his family wealth to fund various digs of his own in search of the ancient tech. During a visit to one such site, the dig team uncovered a rare artefact that they believed would be worth countless coin in the right circles. A short time after arriving on the planet to view the artefact, the planet was attacked by who Hermonious believes to be a rival Nobel house…House Dugglious, lead by none other then Shamenious. Hermonious woke up some days later aboard a missionary ship of the Order of the Hammer. Hermonious spent many months aboard the ship recovering from his wounds. It is here where he learnt the art of the flame thrower. The Arch Priest of the Missionary ship saw potential in Hermonious and taught him the ways of their life.

Hermonious, like his schooling, excelled at their teachings and after recovering from his wounds and spending a further few years with the ship, was bestowed a gift from the Arch Priest, blessed armour of Necomedes Keefe. Hermonious has now devoted his life to becoming the next great saint of the emperor while also hoping to incorporate some of the learnings of the ancient tech into modern beliefs. His mission has landed him aboard the Rogue Trader Ship Invictus under the leadership of Admiral EZ Zigar.